Dear participants;

As the Congress Organizing Committee, we are pleased to invite you to the ‘İzmir Demokrasi University International  Congress of Health Sciences (ICHES-IDU 2023)’, which will be organized by Izmir Democracy University on 10-11 November 2023.

Today, especially interdisciplinary studies are gaining great importance. It is of great importance to increase and support these studies for the technological and scientific advancement of countries. In order to create a platform that will enable academicians with different fields of expertise to come together and share their knowledge and experiences, and in addition to this, supporting joint projects to be developed with a multidisciplinary perspective should be among the main objectives.

The main purpose of our congress, which we organized with the theme of ‘The Future of Health Sciences in the 100th Anniversary of Our Republic’  hosted by İzmir Demokrasi University, is to bring together professionals working in the field of Health Sciences, update information, increase sharing and contribution to the development of cooperation between stakeholders.

Conferences, oral/poster papers will be included in our congress. Details on the scientific program will be updated on our website.

All  papers will be evaluated by the referees on the basis of their originality, depth, research method and content, accuracy, readability and contribution to the conference, provided that the authors are  unknown. 

Accepted papers will be published as abstract or full-text papers in the congress proceedings booklet, according to the preference of the researchers.

ICHES-IDU 2023 meets the “Associate Professorship Criteria”.

Researchers who wish can also send a book chapter to be included in the international book to be published that meets the “Academic Incentive and Associate Professorship Criteria”.

We are honored to see and host you at the ‘ İzmir Demokrasi University International  Congress of Health Sciences (ICHES-IDU 2023)’.

Best regards,

President of the Congress

Prof. Dr. Bedriye TUNÇSİPER







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Congress abstract book and full text book have been published.